Customer Profile: Wanderable posted by: Jareau Wade

Payments with some heart

Palo Alto-based Wanderable thinks experiences are more memorable than things, which is why co-founders Jenny Chen and Marcela Miyazawa created a honeymoon registry for couples to receive “honeymoon experiences” rather than gifts. Most traditional wedding registries would prompt your friends to buy you a set of plates, not get a zip line ride over the Amazon. This is the type of innovative take on an old concept we at Balanced love to support.

Jenny (CTO) and Marcela (CEO) met at Stanford where they both studied computer science. Jenny then spent time at Amazon Web Services, while Marcela worked at Microsoft and 23andme. The two reunited and were accepted into 500 Startups 4th batch last summer. For the past year, Wanderable has been growing and polishing their product, recently releasing a new iPhone app.

Why Balanced?

Jenny Chen wrote a short blog post last week about why she selected Balanced to be Wanderable’s payment processor. In her words: >There’s a lot to love about our payment system”

The main benefits she pointed out:

API-driven merchant underwriting: Wanderable couples simply enter in their bank account information to have funds directly deposited into their accounts. No redirect off-site to login to yet another account.

Really fast payouts Wanderable advertises receipt of payment within 2 days, but most couples receive their funds within a single day!

Security Using balanced.js, Wa takes advantage of Balanced PCI DSS Level 1 registration, saving them from the time and headache of doing it themselves.

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