's Marketplace Payments Powered by Balanced posted by: Jareau Wade + Balanced

A few months ago,, the online platform for infographics, quietly rolled out an online marketplace that allowed users to select and pay designers for custom infographic projects. Today, we’re happy to announce that Balanced is the payments company powering’s marketplace.

You might not see it on’s site, but Balanced’s white-label API is being used to:

  1. process credit cards,
  2. hold the funds in an escrow-like account, and
  3. payout those funds directly to designers’ bank accounts via next-day ACH

For, adding the marketplace functionality was a clear next step, since users of their platform were already contacting each other to complete design work – why not make the user experience better for both parties while collecting a bit of money themselves. We’re thrilled to be working with on this critical piece of their vision.

Adam Breckler, co-founder and head of product shares why is using Balanced for their marketplace payments on Quora.

This is becoming a trend

Balanced has helped several other online communities - including reddit and Fancy - add a marketplace-style ecommerce experiences to their sites. Last week, it was announced that Balanced is behind’s ecommerce transactions as well. If you run a large online community or network and are looking for ways to monetize and add value to your users at the same time, please contact us at