Screen-capture your Dispute Information posted by: Kyungmin Kim

Since launching Balanced’s Dispute Portal, we’ve been continually monitoring how our customers are using it. Today, we’re announcing additional usability improvements and adding some pretty awesome features to optimize and improve your dispute resolution experience.

We’ve updated the look-and-feel to our modal, so without further ado:

Dispute portal

When clicking on the “Provide evidence” button in the dispute page above, you will see a drag and drop area for your documents! It’s complete with comprehensive instructions on what types of evidence you need to attach to win a dispute.

Along with the new look-and-feel and drag-and-drop upload, you can now simply add a FedEx or USPS tracking number instead of capturing screenshots for yourself. Based on the tracking number that you entered, we will automatically capture a screenshot of the delivery information for you.

We think this will save a lot of your time handling disputes. You can check out our code on Github to see how we built it. In the future, we want to make it so that you can add the Dispute Portal as a widget for your own dashboard (Hint, hint: something is brewing!).

We look forward to hearing your feedback or suggestions!