Connect Balanced with over 260 Apps Using Zapier posted by: Jareau Wade

Connect Balanced with over 260 Apps Using Zapier

Today, we’re excited to announce that Balanced has been added to Zapier, an app automation service featuring over 260 best-in-breed business applications.

Balanced is a payments API that’s integrated by developers, but many of the people that actually use Balanced every day are not engineers. Instead, they’re customer support agents, VPs of operations, and non-technical CEOs that want to make something else happen based on the work their engineers have done. For the past year, you’ve expressed your desire to integrate Balanced with accounting apps like QuickBooks, email services like MailChimp, and even other payment methods such as PayPal. With Zapier it’s never been easier for both developers and non-developers alike to hook Balanced up to their other favorite business services and tools.

How to get started on Zapier

  1. Sign up for a Zapier account,

  2. Connect your Balanced account to Zapier,

  3. Check out a few of these pre-made Balanced Zaps, or

  4. Start creating your own

Hope this helps,