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Customer Profiles

Balanced’s payments API is no more interesting than what our customers choose to do with it, so today’s post is the first of many customer profiles aimed at highlighting the amazing implementations of the Balanced API in the wild.

Meet Forge

Forge was created by Kevin Holesh and Jordan Messina as a dead-simple way for budding entrepreneurs to accept payments online. The impetus for the project came out of Kevin and Jordan’s own frustrations with payment gateways like As Holesh puts it “we’d always implement our own payment gateway…but just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should.” So the two set out to build a payments system than would let entrepreneurs focus on developing the thing they were selling, rather than the system that allows them to get paid.

Taking on PayPal

Of course the path Forge has chosen takes them into head-on competition against the 800-lb gorilla of payments: PayPal. Holesh points out that 5 years ago PayPal was a dominant force, but today, there are simply better ways to do payments. For example, PayPal’s checkout experience requires a potential customer to leave your site to checkout, an experience that many customers would rather do without, and can take minutes for those that go through the entire process. In contrast, Forge’s checkout experience is beautiful and never requires your customer to leave your website. See an example on Forge’s homepage.

Why Balanced?

Forge selected Balanced as the payments engine under it’s hood because of the unique features Balanced offers that other payment APIs like and Stripe simply don’t. In Kevin’s own words: >Balanced was the best choice for us because of the ability to pay out to our merchants. There are a few other options, like Stripe, that would allow us to take payments almost as easily, but depositing money in our merchants’ bank accounts would’ve been extremely difficult if it weren’t for Balanced.

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The guys at Forge posted their work to HN: