Kicking off the Balanced Certified Developer Program with API Xchange posted by: Jareau Wade

Become/Find a Balanced Certified Developer with API Xchange

API Xchange

This is a fun partnership we’ve been testing out for a bit: Today I’m happy to announce that Balanced is an official partner and supported API of API Xchange, a marketplace for high-quality, custom API integrations. We hope this partnership helps potential Balanced customers get up and running faster by making it easier to find a developer, while helping all the awesome developers in the Balanced community find extra work. Really excited to see where this goes!

What is APIXchange?

API Xchange works with developer APIs like Balanced, Chargebee, and SendGrid to onboard certified developers who have successfully integrated that company’s API before. The API companies have full control over which developers make it onto API Xchange. Here’s an example of our landing page on API Xchange featuring some developers we’ve already approved. A company looking for a certified developer can create a project, accept bids from developers, select a developer, and pay all on APi Xchange – they just take a 18% cut of successful projects.

Still doesn’t make sense? Here’s a great video explaining how their platform works.

A Developer API for Marketplaces Powers Payments for a Marketplace for API Developers

API Xchange will also be using Balanced’s ACH capabilities to power payments and escrow on their platform as they move money between companies and certified developers. So not only is Balanced a customer of API Xchange, we’re also a vendor!

Get Started

Fill out this application if you’re a developer looking to become a Balanced Certified Developer. If you’re an individual or company looking for a Certified Balanced Developer, fill out this application to create a project. If you’d like to find a developer to help with your Balanced integration outside of APIXchange, please post your criteria on this GitHub thread.

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