Balanced Adds Webhooks & Callbacks posted by: Marshall Jones

The Balanced API now supports callbacks & events – aka webhooks. Check out the events resources to see what the payloads look like. We’ve also updated our documentation to describe each event type.

To add and manage events for your marketplace, use the settings tab on the Balanced dashboard, or set them up via the client libraries and the selected events will be viewable in the dashboard. Events can be replayed for debugging/developing purposes.

Our python and ruby client libraries now support adding and removing callbacks, and browsing events. The PHP and Java libraries will be updated soon. Here’s an example from the ruby library of how to use callbacks with the client libraries.

Let us know if you’d like to see examples of how to consume these events, we use them internally for all sorts of stuff so we’ve developed some patterns that may be handy.

A bug? Something missing? Let us know by commenting in this thread!

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