Announcing the Dispute Portal posted by: Andrew Nossiter

Handling credit card disputes can be a messy affair, but at Balanced we are making this process as painless as possible for our customers. Starting today, you’ll be able to fight chargebacks directly via the dashboard without having to contact support thanks to our new dispute portal!

Dispute portal

We kept layout changes to a minimum for you, and to that effect the process has been kept as simple as possible. Once you’ve logged in to the Balanced dashboard simply click on the Disputes tab as you normally would, and then select the individual dispute that you’d like to protest. You’ll then see a blue button labelled “Attach docs”, which will let you leave a detailed description of why you’re fighting the dispute, as well as the ability to attach any supporting documentation that you have.

Please note that any documentation must be submitted in the format of a black and white PDF or JPEG, and each document must be no larger than 1MB in size. Remember, the more documentation that you have, the better! If you want to accept the dispute without protest, you won’t need to do anything; once the date to reply to the dispute by has passed it will automatically update to “lost”, effectively refunding your customer. For a helpful reminder of chargeback best practices, please review our dispute documentation.

Once you’ve clicked “Submit”, the documentation and notes will be sent out to the credit card issuer, and the state of the dispute will update from “Pending” to “Submitted” to indicate that it’s already been addressed. Once the credit card issuer renders a decision the status will then update to “Won” or “Lost”.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us here at if you have any questions that we can help you with.